Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dr Appt Update

I think I spoke too soon about these visits being in and out...Dr Damrich was on call, so he was making rounds when we got there. Put about a 20-30 minute wait in.

They had to do my finger stick twice because the first showed low iron. Doc said it was 13 I believe. That could be way off. Either way he said it was not low enough to treat yet.

He had a little trouble finding the heart beat which made Craig and I hold our breath a little. When he did find it he kept losing it. Looks like we have a little mover in there. Wish I could feel all that moving! The heart rate was 157 this time. Not a big change from the 160 last time. Still up there.

My bp was 100/66.

He asked how I was doing and the conversation went something like this:
"Well, I had a panic attack last week thinking that it wasn't in there anymore"
"Where would it have gone?"
"Well, it fell out of course!" (I really didn't say that for fear of being laughed out of the room, but that is what I told Craig last week)
Then he let me hear the heart beat.

Nothing else to report. OHHHHH Yes there is....

We find out the gender next Thursday!!! He offered to let us wait two weeks so that we would get a better picture, but really I just have to know what it is! Can't wait!

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