Monday, March 21, 2011


Busy day! Trying to catch up from a couple of missed days at work last week.

Last Tuesday, the 15th, I took my last progesterone shot! YAY! I was scheduled for one more on Wednesday, but I didn't have enough meds to make a full dose. It is so nice to be "normal" again :) I have to say that the nausea has really stopped. I wonder if the two were related?

Wednesday after work Kady and I headed down to Valley, AL to see some very special friends! Aspen and Jamie were down visiting family over their spring break and were having a double baby shower! How exciting. We had a wonderful time visiting with our life long friends. I only wish it could have been a longer visit. I am looking forward to seeing Appy in June and then hopefully getting together with our BABIES at Thanksgiving! Oh how weird that sounds :)

Friday night we had our first supper club at the Murphree's. Wonderful food and good times!

Saturday a couple of the teen boys came over to help us paint our decks. The color did not turn out exactly as I had wanted, but it is livable. Glad we started on the back :) We still have a lot of painting to do, but we made a good dent. Needless to say my back and legs are killing me!!!

Today I am awaiting the arrival of my maternity pants I ordered! Friday I put on the only pair that was fitting only to find them a bit uncomfortable. My belly is starting to grow. Finally! I am so thankful for the spring weather so I can finally wear dresses!

Today is also the start of DWTS! I am so excited! I really think this year it might be able to the dancing more than popularity since none of them are very well known.

Today a lot of my coworkers are headed to Chicago for the user summit and I am very sad to be here instead of headed there to be with them. :(

Karen Kingsbury's book Leaving comes out tomorrow and I can't wait! I think I might run out to the mail today just to see if it came a day early!

Lots going on this week! I also have a dr appt Wednesday! I hope to be able to find out when our gender appt will be.

This weekend...Shreveport. I don't think Craig has been there since Thanksgiving. I am not sure how I will survive the trip since the short one this week wore me out! We will see.

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