Monday, February 14, 2011

Nausea and Appetite

Last Friday was an unusual day. I woke up hungry and was never able to satisfy the need for food. I was hungry to the point of feeling sick all day long. It was pure misery. After every meal or snack I still wanted more. We had a large dinner at the White House and that seemed to cure the hunger pains.

Saturday went back to my large but satiable appetite. Craig, Kady, and I went to the mall, where I made my first maternity purchase, and then on to pick up her dresser in Leeds. I took a wonderful 2 hr nap at dad's and then we had my birthday dinner of pork tenderloin, macaroni casserole, and green beans. Yummy!

Yesterday the severe nausea hit. After my nap I woke up and Craig and I had a piece of cake. MISTAKE! I don't know if it was the sweets that did it or what, but I was miserable. Laying on the couch not moving. Craig made me some "real food" which seemed to help some. After my shot I had some nuts that seemed to cure the nausea. We went on to church and all was good. After church I had a little macaroni and the nausea hit again. Misery. After about 30 minutes it went away.

It has not yet hit today, the hunger or the nausea, maybe I will be back to my normal hungry self.

Oh...and the first maternity purchase? The Tummy Sleeve at Motherhood Maternity. I can wear it over my normal jeans and leave them unbuttoned. That is great right now since my favorite pair is rather tight and uncomfortable, but maternity pants are still out of the question.

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