Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I thought I might do a blog update before the big reveal tomorrow. I wish I would have blogged this whole process so I could remember it, but maybe it's for the best. There are some parts I would just as well forget...

I always just thought of IVF as a lot of shots and a long, expensive process. I never really thought about what the shots do or what my body would go through.

Here is what I have been up to over the past month or so...
Nov 29th I did my day 5 baselines. They were good so I started on the Nuva Ring.

Dec 8th we had our pre-cycle visit.

Dec 13th I had my fasting labs. I also started my first injection, lupron, that evening. I decided to do my shots about 6PM. I was a bit nervous, given my fear of needles that was expected, so I went into the bathroom alone and prepared everything. I sat down ready to give the shot. My hands were shaking. I dropped the shot in the floor!!! I picked it up, cleaned it off, prayed, held my breath, pinched up some fat, and inserted the needle! When all was said and done I ran screaming down the hall yelling "I did it!" Craig had forgotten all about the shots, so he was a bit confused ha. Then I called dad, Kady, and Sherr to tell them all of my success.
The lupron shots continued all the way up to the retrieval...

I have to say the lupron was not bad. I got better and better at the shots. I only hit something once and made a large bruise. I felt no effects from the meds. Life was normal.

Dec 22nd I went in for my supression check.

Dec 26th I started on the meds that changed it all. Menopur and follistim. First let me say that my stomach is not large enough for 3 shots every night. I ran out of good spots. I got several more bruises. The menopur was a large injection that grossed me out each time I had to push it. The follistim was the smallest needle and easiest shot ever! These meds continued until the retrieval as well...

The reason I say these meds changed it all is because they did! My belly started to grow. I started to gain weight. I started to have pain in my abdomen. Torture really. Knowing what was causing my pain and having to do it over again every evening.

Jan 2,3,4 I went in every day for a blood draw and ultrasound to check on my progesterone, something else, and the size of my follicles. On the 3rd they told me my levels were over 4000 and to not do any meds other than the lupron that evening. I was at high risk for hyperstimulation. On the 4th I was ready.

Jan 2 started dostinex to try to stop the hyperstimulation.

Jan 4 Jess gave me my HSG shot

Jan 6 I had my egg retrieval. We had 25 eggs! The hardest part of this day was probably the IV. My vein rolled. With me already dreading it I had her immediately move to the other arm and we got it on one try. Dad accompanied Craig and I and we were so thankful to have him there. I woke up to Dad and Craig staring at me ha.

Jan 7 we found out that 15 were mature

Jan 7 Craig took me back in for another check because of the pain I was having. Hyperstimulation. Yay! Strangely enough they actually say that this is good for pregnancy. It makes your body secrete more hormones.

Jan 9 we found out that 8 fertilized

Jan 9 started my crinone and the progesterone injection. This was the big one. The one that must go in the muscle. I already knew this was not a shot I would give myself. Kady really wanted to do it, so we go to her room, I lie on the bed, she rubs the spot with her wipe, then she says "I don't think I can do it". I look back and there she is with a big needle (1 1/2") holding it up in the air above me. I rolled out of the way and called for Craig ha. Craig walked right up there and did it like it was nothing. He was so proud. He has done it every night since. I have only had 3 bruises and only one has been major. So proud of him.

Let me say that the week of the 7-14 was the worst week I had of the whole process! I took several of my pain meds. I thought I felt bad before the retrieval, and I did. I was swollen and hurting. After the retrieval? I have never felt anything like it. I couldnt lay on my side or my back or my stomach without something hurting. My abdomen was very enlarged. I had a lot of fluid. Several folicles. My ovaries were still twice the size they are normally. It was VERY painful. I made it up to 140 lbs from 135. As of today I am back around 136.

They say I was in the mild-moderate category. I cannot imagine what the severe category is like!

Jan 11 we went back in for our transfer. I have to say this was the easiest of all the procedures. Craig and I both dressed in our OR gear. The doc came in and told us that our 2 embryos were as good as they get. They gave us a photo of the embryos and a bear as a keepsake. We have since named him Artie :)

Today is the 19th and the past week and a half have been the longest of my life. I have to say this whole process has flown by. With the holidays (Christmas and New Years), the snow-in (Jan 9-11), and the hyperstimulation this process has really gone by fast! This waiting period though has just drug on. We are so anxious and excited. Everything seems like it could be a symptom.

Breast tenderness-- could be from the meds, or could mean I'm pregnant
Frequent trips to the bathroom-- could be losing this excess water, or could be early pregnancy
Dizziness-- could be that I need to eat more, or could it be pregnancy
My appetite-- that could just be that I am off my diet, or maybe...

There is no way to know until TOMORROW! Tomorrow is the pregnancy test we have all been waiting for. We will finally know.

How do we feel about it?
Honestly, we feel very positive. I have kept any "symptoms" from my family because I don't want to get their hopes up even more.
I am afraid we are so excited that if it is negative it is going to be that much more devastating.
We feel like God led us here. I have always been hesitant about this process. One night Craig and I were praying about it and the next day we got our letter in the mail. We could not have afforded it one month earlier. My body has really done excellent. I just can't believe he would lead us here if it wasn't to give us our miracle.
I am going to give myself a big cautiously optimistic!

Would I do it over again? I will have to tell you that after tomorrow...

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