Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not Okay

I highly suggest reading:

Part 1
Part 2

That is exactly what I needed to hear this week. Since Tuesday night I have spent a lot of time shedding tears. So many tears that I think I have run out. I have questioned myself, others, God. I have felt an anger. A furious anger.

These posts put it all into perspective. I love how he ended "When you find yourself suffering try to divert the attention away from you as soon as possible. Stop the whining and the complaining and try to figure out what ministry Jesus has for you right now? How can you use your suffering to give God glory and increase His kingdom?"

I make no promises that I will not question or be angry. I make no guarantees that I will not shed many, many tears over the next while. I make no plans to be in attendance. I do make a commitment to turn my attitude around and try to focus this back on Him. To not steal the glory.

Right now I am devastated and angry and and and. BUT One day I will be better. It just isn't going to be today.

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