Friday, February 19, 2010

This week...

It has been a very good week for us!

I had my 27th Birthday! Turning older is not exciting, but I always love my birthday and I don't know why. Thanks to everyone for making it special.

I got 4 new Karen Kingsbury books which I am SOOOOO excited about! Once I finish these I have read all of her novels. What will I do while I wait for her new ones to come out?

On my birthday I thought about calling Craig and telling him all I wanted on my birthday was for him to stop at Starbuck's. I decided against it. He got home a little late and came in with a said a bunch of nice things and then it said and I hope you still love me when you realize I bought you the wrong drink. Great minds think alike. He had a Starbuck's behind his back! :)

Wednesday I had my annual Outback dinner which was yummy.

It has been a great week. Oh and the updates below just made it even better.

-taxes- I did the amendments myself and sent them in. All is good.

-test results- The numbers were not what they wanted to see. They were not 0 though. We go back on the 23rd to see what our next step is. I am a little bummed, but I guess it is good that we are getting down to what is causing our problem. The issue will be that there isnt anything we can do that I know of short of IVF. BUT there is ALWAYS prayer! No matter what God can do ANYTHING!

-refinance- Closing is set for Monday! YAY! I never thought it would get here. I also didn't think it would have a positive outcome. We got a pretty good rate. Definitely better than we had. Payment is going down.

-car payoff- With the good news on the refinance I was able to send this in yesterday! NO MORE CAR PAYMENTS! What a blessing. Now we can use our money for things that really matter.

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