Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have been thinking on it a while and finally took the plunge into the world of accountability. I approached a friend last night about being my accountability partner.

God put this person on my heart a couple of weeks ago. At first I dismissed the idea thinking that I could not share my inmost thoughts. I have always thought about doing accountability, but the truth is it is terrifying! Having someone know your faults.

Today she called and we chatted about what is on my mind. At first I was completely embarrassed about sharing my heart with her, but as the conversation went on God opened my heart and mind to this. I was able to share things with her that I cannot with anyone else. She will be praying with and for me. She will be asking me about how I am doing with my challenges. I need that. I have to say I am so glad that I shared with her. I felt peace when we hung up an hr later.

I am so thankful for friends that I can count on. That I know will keep my secrets. That will pray for me. That love me enough to overlook my faults.

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