Thursday, February 11, 2010

A few things I would like to check off my list

There are a few things I just want to be done...over with...not to mess with again

-taxes- thought we were done with this. might have to amend our return. wish the tax people would call us back.

-test results- i honestly havnt thought/worried as much about this as i thought i would/should. this could honestly be life changing. i wish the dr would call today.

-refinance- i am so ready for this to be over with! i have never been so frustrated with someone. i just want it done! oh and NEVER EVER EVER do business with citi mortgage. highly NOT recommended!

hmm there were others...

-car payoff- i thought this would happen next week but with refinancing and infertility. ahh. who knows.

i HATE money. that is what it boils down to. money and waiting. neither brings joy.

thats it for my ranting in this post. these will all be over with in due time. now to focus on better things like work :)

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