Thursday, February 18, 2016

9 Months

Well, now you are a whopping 9 months old! Time is going by so quickly. I can see your first birthday quickly approaching and I cannot believe it.

...wear 9 and 12 month clothes.
...wear a size 4 diaper
...weigh17lbs 2oz (22%)
...are 29in tall (75%)
...have 3 teeth and another well on its way. You are a great teether! You drool a lot and chew but other than that you are a happy fellow.
...are very attached to mommy. 
...have started lifting your arms for us to pick you up 
...cry if we come into a room and don't pick you up table food! we are almost completely done with any baby food. that went by fast! love anything bread but are not sure about eggs or grits just yet
...nurse several times a day and NIGHT. Are you ever going to let me sleep? 
...get angry when someone takes something from you. You will actually scream in your man voice.
...sit up like a champ but still no crawling. You roll wherever you want to go. You are starting to get on your knees and elbows, so maybe not too much longer.
...still try to fly. you lay on your belly with legs and arms in the air waving them like crazy trying to go.
...say mama, dada, and bye. if we go to the front door you will go "bye" it is the cutest thing
...clap and wave 
...bababa with your hand over your mouth. thank you nana
...moved to a big boy carseat
...adore your sister. every morning when she gets up you just grin
...when you get excited you flail your arms and hyperventilate. 
...examine everything. you want to know how it works. you are super observant.

Dr Blair has asked us to work with you on standing up. He said we need some muscle tone in that little body of yours. :)

We adore you Mr Parker. I am so thankful that you are part of our little family. Watching you grow is a constant joy.


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