Thursday, March 24, 2011

What was I thinking?

A long time ago I started using out guest closet as a storage place for items for a yard sale, old prom dresses, and hangars.

A few months ago I decided I want to actually have a yard sale to get rid of some of these items in my house I don't need, want, or use. I decided to just put them in a corner of the same room.

When I received a box of maternity clothes a month or more ago I had no where to put them, actually I still don't. I decided the guest bed was a good place to lay and sort them. They are still there.

Now it is baby time and this will no longer be the guest room but the baby room. That means tonight is clean-out night! I am going to try to find a place to store the stuff for the yard sale. A place to put the baby things we have already acquired. And most of all a place for maternity clothes. I have no idea where to put them. My closet and drawers are full of regular clothes and I will only wear these for a short period of time. Suggestions? How did you separate your maternity clothes from your normal wear?

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