Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moving right along...

The casing is painted and the room is empty. Well, minus the baby things we have already been given. It is so strange. I told Craig that it looks like we are moving or something. I am glad to see the process starting and moving along quickly now.

Next it is paint colors and putting the crib together! How exciting.

We still need to know...boy or girl?

I haven't written this down anywhere, so I want to record it here for later. Here are the gifts baby Hudson has already received!
Mommy and Daddy- piggy bank
Aunt Kady- Diapers
Brandy- duck outfit
Mrs Lenora- two outfits and a homemade changing blanket!
Don and Lydia- Target gift card

We have also had the following given to us:
Keith and Becki- books on pregnancy and parenting, pack-n-play, crib mattress, travel swing, bouncy seat, booster seat for eating, boppy, choo-choo
Heather Parrish- book

Don and Lydia
Richard and Laura
Mrs Lenora

We purchased:
Crib, Dresser, Udder Cover (ha), Sling

Kady also gave me the Home Willow Tree for my birthday!

All this baby stuff....I am ready for a yard sale!

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