Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Real Post- Adoption Decisions

Craig and I keep getting questions about our decision to adopt. Several months ago we decided to start the adoption journey. Probably without enough prayer, thought, consideration about what this really means for us. We searched through agencies and filled out all of the paperwork. The last thing to do was to have Craig write his testimony and send it all in. I never pushed and he never took the next step.

We have come to the conclusion that we are not ready. We aren't ready to give up on biological children. I know that adoption doesn't mean we are giving up, but it feels like it. We aren't ready for that. I think it really all boils down to neither of us have that peace. The peace that can only come from Him letting us know that those are the plans He has for us.

I think we are just going to wait. Wait for a miracle. Wait for our miracle.

I have struggled a little with what I want out of this site. I find that I express what I am feeling best through writing. Even if no one ever reads this it still helps me to have a place to vent. This will probably end up being therapy for me.

I have been reading a couple of blogs for almost a year now. What I have found is that it is a wonderful way to network. To find those who struggle with the same things I do. To find people to pray for me as well as to add to my prayer list. We shall see what I decide to blog about and how long this lasts.

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